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Welcome to Bunny Hall (as seen on BBC East Midlands Today!)
Quality, caring seven carrot boarding for much loved rabbits and guinea pigs.

The Aims of Bunny Hall:

Our Background:

Bunny Hall is owned and managed by Dr. Nicola Hendey, who has a life-long love and experience of rabbits.

Nicola has kept pet rabbits since childhood and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of rabbit husbandry. She is currently owned by five adored, cosseted house rabbits.

Nicola has a personal and professional interest in animal behaviour and is currently engaged in clicker training her own rabbits.

Nicola`s bunnies, Treaves, Amelia, Rosie, Clemmie and Robert, enjoy their own air-conditioned room containing spacious apartments complete with soft flooring, a wealth of interactive toys, and top quality fresh hay, pellets and vegetables daily.

"This is the second time our bunny has stayed with you and I have been very happy with the care and attention he has received at Bunny Hall. I shall certainly send him to 'holiday' with you again!"

Ms. B. - Nottingham

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